The Art of Flight: A Journey in Tibet

Wow, haven't posted in two years, not that anyone was reading this. It was, after all, a tool to optimize my studio website. But since I don't have television and I don't feel like practicing yoga, dobro guitar, archery, study paragliding manual, read, clean, or much of anything else I need to do, I'll mess with this.

This is about a trip I took to Tibet over a few days November 2012. Preview is limited - click HERE.

"The Art of Flight is about a journey to Tibet that resulted in an exploration into the higher levels of meditation and yoga. It is a personal flight manual that may lead to the extraordinary experience of semi-weightlessness, and will lead to a refinement of both body and mind. If your life is an experience you don't want to miss, then maybe it's time to understand yourself and the power of flight."

Ok, what's next...


  1. Our Tibet Private Tour was amazing! It was a wonderful experience that they gave us visiting this country, we will never forget those days!

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