Carbon Transfer (Carbon Gelatin)

Time to post some pictures of some pictures. Made using a combination of digital capture, digital print-sized negative, and an 1865 india ink (carbon based) and gelatin process.

The why’s of the post will follow following, suffice to say that the process represents a de-evolution relative to superficial instantaneous electronic gratification common to most and a reawakening of the energies that lead to satisfaction and contentment. Too philosophical, yes well…

The few photos posted are the learning phase. Buying already made carbon gelatin tissue, as it is called, exposing to ultraviolet light, mating the carbon gelatin tissue to a final support paper, and developing it in hot water in the kitchen while sipping a gin and tonic.

The prints are mostly 11”x14” and each took a really long time to make. In fact, there is no guarantee that it’ll even turn out and not just wash away in a large soup of cloudy blackness. Cool, huh. But when one does work, and it is a good image, you just want to show it to everyone. It’s fun to be 10 again.

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